Erotic Machines: A review off Linda Adair’s Metal Etched Memories

The topic of sex robots typically centers around cis gender male and cyberpunk fetishes, but Paris-based artist Adair comes to the rescue of female mecha-sexuals everywhere with her exquisite and decidedly vintage Metal Etched Memories.

This gorgeous hardcover title takes you by the hand through the many romantic encounters and conquests of a stylish and debonair time-traveling metal man via a series of portraits and erotic depictions that evoke glamorous 1940s and 1960s iconography.

Pictured as Casablanca’s Humphrey Bogart, a Regency-era gentleman and even Indiana Jones, Adair’s “The Constant Man” is truly the most interesting man in the world who fights wars, uncovers mysteries and seduces glamorous and adventurous women through time.

When the portraits end, the engaging narrative begins with chapters dedicated to the women he’s loved. As our metal Don Juan’s memories threaten to be erased forever, he relives his erotic escapades one last time.

– Carolina C

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