Why the “dirty deach” is the greatest beach

Speaking of beaches that hold very fond memories, one of Puerto Rico’s best attractions happen to be a small beach on the southwest coast town of Cabo Rojo called “Playa Sucia”, which means “Dirty Beach”.

The area is secretive and raw, just what any adventurous beachgoer craves. The bay has its own natural barriers and bridges and sweeping views of island cliffs that loom over crystal clear aqua-to-turquoise-to-sapphire-hued waters as they lap silky powdery white sand.

You won’t find this little piece of heaven near any grand resorts or even any major highways…in fact to reach this hidden gem, your car will take quite a beating as you bump and sink over unpaved and inhospitable… um… uuh… ok, “roads”.

Although jerky and potholed, your journey is scenic as you zigzag narrow ways flanked by mangroves while getting almost a little too close to the local salt slats. In the distance you will catch a glimpse of one of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful lighthouses and right away you will be itching to make the hike and take that very ill-advised-yet-epic selfie after you finish your boxed lunch.

Travel tip: brig a boxed lunch.

The lack of lifeguards, security and reasonable parking pretty much guarantees you won’t find the usual unwieldy crowds other popular beaches can attract on the weekends. During weekdays, Playa Sucia is virtually deserted and beach nirvana is practically guaranteed.

Photo: LeanneMarie1215 via FlickR

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